The Western General Hospital, Edinburgh

Photo of a Research Nurse holding a sample kit box outside intensive care Ward 20
Jo Singleton

GenOMICC is one of those excellent studies that generates a lot, from a little. I talk to patients and their families daily about participation in ICU research and have found that some people would like to contribute to research but are, quite understandably, completely overwhelmed by the situation they have found themselves in. Gaining informed consent for complex, often technical, niche ICU research studies is simply too much. GenOMICC however is different. Its simplicity is a great strength and why I am particularly fond of this study.

For the people who would like to contribute but cannot cope with more complex trials, GenOMICC offers that chance. Everyone is able to understand and provide informed consent. Enabling people to help, where they want to, empowering them and providing a positive experience in what is otherwise a very difficult time. These seemingly small and unimportant blood samples generate clinical knowledge benefiting others in the future and allows the people participating now to feel there is something they can do for themselves, their loved ones and others like them.

Jo Singleton, Research Nurse