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Setting up GenOMICC in your country

GenOMICC is conceived as an open-source research study, so that any clinical investigator, anywhere, can set up their own version of the study.


You can find the GenOMICC protocol here.


Advice about recruiting cases with paediatric hepatitis


Authorship policy and authors listed per publication

Core principles of the GenOMICC Study

Incentivising behaviours that benefit everyone

By agreeing to these principles, GenoMICC investigators indicate to patients, governments and funders that they are working together with the global community for the benefit of all, whilst protecting the interests of the local and national teams who lead, and take full credit for, their own studies.

  1. Respect for sovereignty. Individual countries run and control their own studies.

  2. Primacy of recruitment. The rate of discovery in GenOMICC is entirely dependent on the recruitment of the right patients in large numbers; hence, credit for those discoveries is due to those responsible for achieving recruitment of eligible patients.

  3. International cooperation. Investigators agree to cooperate to accelerate discovery for the benefit of patients by recruiting the same groups of patients in parallel, independent studies around the world. Every group controls their own study and collaborates in their own time.

  4. Capacity building. The first step in capacity building is forging partnerships to enable effective collarboration. Where needed, investigators agree to support other regions and nations to establish the necessary expertise and infrastructure to deliver research in critical care.

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