International Template Documents

As an open source study, a principal investigator will need to be identified to take the lead for your centre. A study sponsor will also need to be identified. A sponsor undertakes responsibility for the research governance and indemnity of the study; a local academic institution is usually willing to take on this role but this can also be your healthcare institution

Professor J.Kenneth Baillie is the Chief investigator for the GenOMICC-UK cohort only, and the GenOMICC Consortium Lead for all other international centres.

The protocol and documents below are provided to make it easy for investigators to copy our work and initiate their own studies in their own area.


Information sheets and consent forms

Our International Template documents are currently under review and will be uploaded again soon.

In the meantime, we would be delighted to talk to you about ways we can help, or answer any questions that you might have. Please email us at:

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