Release 3.1 (May 2023): 11,000 critical Covid cases

Update of release 3. Analysis of 24,202 cases of COVID-19 with critical illness comprising a combination of microarray genotype and whole-genome sequencing data from cases of critical illness in the international GenOMICC (11,440 cases) study, combined with other studies recruiting hospitalized patients with a strong focus on severe and critical disease: ISARIC4C (676 cases) and the SCOURGE consortium (5,934 cases). These were combined with unpublished results from 23andMe and published data from the HGIv6 meta-analysis. We find an additional 16 new genetic associations including potentially druggable targets in inflammatory signalling (JAK1, PDE4A), monocyte-macrophage differentiation (CSF2), immunometabolism (SLC2A5, AK5), and host factors required for viral entry and replication (TMPRSS2, RAB2A).


Index Paper for this Data Release is:

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Summary statistics for ancestry specific analyses and trans-ancestry meta analysis for GenOMICC only cases:

Meta analysis of GenOMICC, SCOURGE and HGIv6:

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Previously published summary statistics which were used in the pre-print version of the final paper can be be downloaded here (password = covid)