Release 2 (August 2021): 7,491 critical Covid cases

Discovery and replication of fifteen new associations with critical Covid-19, including BCL11A, PLSCR1, MUC1, ACSL6/CSF2, IFNA10, ELF5, FBRSL1, ATP11A, FUT2, and IL10RB, taking the total number of robust associations with critical Covid-19 to 24.

Index Paper for this Data Release is:

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GenOMICC_r2_AFR.txt.gz (470.0Mb)
GenOMICC_r2_EAS.txt.gz (197.3Mb)
GenOMICC_r2_EUR.txt.gz (298.9Mb)
GenOMICC_r2_SAS.txt.gz (298.9Mb)
GenOMICC_r2_metaanalysis.txt.gz (151.)
metatwas.csv (3.781Mb)
twas_Lung.csv (810.0Kb)
twas_Whole_Blood.csv (677.6Kb)
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