Privacy Notice

REACT-GE and GenOMICC COVID-19 studies

Each organisation involved in the studies is responsible for the information they collect about you.

Under the UK General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Act 2018 they are considered Data Controllers for your information.


Each organisation is required to provide a privacy notice which tells you all about the different ways your information will be used by them, and provides you with ways of finding out more. These can be found here:

Imperial College London is leading the REACT-GE Study, which is a part of their REACT programme. More information about the REACT programme can be found on the About us page and on the Imperial College London website.

Download the REACT-GE Study's privacy notice here.

Genomics England is responsible for the COVID genomic research environment and the National Genomic Research Library. The Library is a comprehensive resource that allows researchers to access samples, genomic data, and other associated health data. Being able to compare all patient data in one place provides researchers with an opportunity to better understand diseases, develop new treatments and can lead to new diagnoses.

Read Genomics England's full privacy notice here.

The University of Edinburgh is the host for the GenOMICC COVID-19 Study and collects personal data from people in intensive care units at participating hospitals across the UK. The personal data includes that collected on the consent forms, and any relevant clinical data from the treatment received. This personal data is also sent to Genomics England for deidentification and placing in the research environment. As study lead for the GenOMICC COVID-19 research, the University of Edinburgh also receives personal data from Genomics England where they have recruited those with mild symptoms.

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